Stanford Football Collectibles

October 1, 2015

College football season is upon us and anticipation is building for the upcoming Big Game on November 21st to be played in Berkeley, a rivalry that begin in 1892. There is nothing to get you in the mood more than recounting previous contests and the rich heritage of the two teams.

DSCF9434-001This Stanford Illustrated Review features a fantastic Art Deco cover from 1927 showing various Stanford fans at the Big Game

roos brothers

A pair of nice old megaphones. Vintage Stanford and one for U.C. Berkeley each in the school’s colors.

big game pins

Pins for the Big Game feature old program covers of previous games

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Cornell University Wedgwood Plates

September 23, 2015

The Wedgwood Company of Etruria England produced a beautiful set of dinner plates based on Cornell University in 1933.  The plates featured a dozen scenes from the Cornell Campus including “The Crescent” as they called it, now known as Schoellkopf Field:



It also featured the statue of Ezra Cornell on campus:


And the Library Tower:


Other buildings on campus that were included in the series were: Sage Chapel, the War Memorial, Balch Halls, Baker Laboratory, Willard Straight Hall, Sibley Dome, McGraw Hall, Myron Taylor Hall and Goldwin Smith Hall. In addition to the blue centered plates with a white border depicted above the plates were also issued in a series with blue borders. Within the border it depicts various vignettes from around Campus:

sibleyThe McGraw Hall Wedgwood Plate

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Collectableivy featured in Country Living Magazine

August 29, 2015

We are pleased to once again be featured in the September, 2015 issue of Country Living Magazine, highlighting our expertise in vintage football programs in their resource guide.



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Gift Ideas – Vintage College and University Song Books

July 6, 2015

Nothing gets the heart of a college grad pumping like the song of their school. An ideal gift for the collegiate alumni who has everything? How about a vintage book of songs from their alma mater. The books typically include both the sheet music and the lyrics for all the songs.

The vintage Cornell Songs published in 1915 includes All Round the World Cornell, Hail Thou in Majesty Cornell, The Cornell Cheer, Cornell Victorious and many more, including the school’s “Alma Mater” or official song of “Cornell,” which predates the current “Far above the Cayuga’s Waters.”

cornell songs

The 1902 published Harvard Songs includes a collection of 27 songs (including the sheet music) sung at Harvard including “Johnny Harvard” and “Fair Harvard”. Selected Songs Sung at Harvard College from 1862 to 1866 was one of the earliest song books published and dates from 1866. It also includes “The Marseillaises,” which was later changed to “On to Victory” and is a football fight song. It was originally written by Bill Reid, who was football coach in 1901. He was jealous of the fact that Princeton and Yale had football songs and approached the head of the Harvard Glee Club, Paul Dillingham to write one.

harvard songs



The 1905 Decennial of Stanford Song includes words and music of the “football, farce, drinking and other songs of Stanford University Some include songs that would no longer be politically correct. Stanford’s song book includes The Drinking Song, Down with California, Stanford Mandalay, Chin Chin Chinaman, Stanford Red and many more. The book also contains a history of the evolution of the songs and trace how they came into being in the University’s early years.

stanford songs

Stanford’s song book also contains nice hand-drawn illustrations that compliment the themes of some songs, such as the one below which patronizes the University of California.


Songs of Western Colleges published in 1902 includes the University of Chicago, Michigan and Stanford University songs such as “Hail, Sanford, Hail!”, “A Football Song – Leland Stanford University”, “John D. Rockefeller – University of Chicago”.


Princeton’s song book is titled Carmina Princetonia was first produced in 1869 and takes its name from Carmina Burana, an ancient satirical song book. It is believed that the Carmina Burana contained the first “drinking songs.” Princeton’s book includes the “soul-stirring songs Old Nassau and The Triangle Song which no Princeton man ever forgets or wants to forget.”


What is the earliest college song? It is hard to say definitively, however, “Hail Columbia” would be a good choice. Written by John Hopkinson, Class of 1786 at the University of Pennsylvania. The song played an important part in rallying support around President Washington during a serious political disturbance.


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Little Codfish Cabot at Harvard – Art Deco Illustrations

May 31, 2015

A lovely little book published in 1924 Little Codfish Cabot at Harvard has a some nice Art Deco period illustrations:


The text is written by Samuel H Orwday, Jr. (Harvard ’21) and the illustrations were done by F Wenderoth Saunders (Harvard ’24). The book tells the story of “Little Codfish Cabot who was born into the precincts of Harvard Yard. His father was a Cabot and his mother was a Cod. The Fish Part is Generic.”


The book tells the story from Cabot’s early childhood until he graduates from Harvard:


The above picture includes the caption, “While still very young he was sent to a New England Church School; but not before he had been soaked with atmosphere – which left him a little foggy because he was so young.”



The above pictures includes the caption, “He persuaded his father to give him an automobile in which he took chippies riding on the river bank; and, when he grew tired of that, to Revere Beach.” Chippies are  promiscuous young women.  Ordway would also write several other books besides the Little Codfish, they include An Elegant History of New York Society for Young Persons of Quality (1927), An Elegant History of Political Parties (1928) and The Intellect is a Brute (1929).


The book is laced with Harvard tidbits including the mention of many clubs, “Because he also made the Phoenix, and the Stylus, and the Signet, and the Hasty Pudding, and the Liberal Club — the last to show he was democratic and an independent thinker,–his father had to double his allowance to pay dues.”

The illustrator, Francis Saunders, began his art training at what is now called the Massachusetts School of Art. He received an A.B. in 1924, an A.M. in 1926 and an Ed.M. in 1934 in Fine Arts from Harvard. In 1925, he received a fellowship from Harvard and spent the year traveling and drawing in Europe. In addition, he studied painting for two summers with Professor Allen Philbrick at the Chicago Art Institute.

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Princeton’s Eating Clubs

March 7, 2015


Members of Princeton’s Ivy Club from 1902-1903

Princeton University has taken an unconventional approach to fraternities and sororities: there are none. Instead the school has eleven “Eating Clubs”. If you have ever had the good fortune to drive down Prospect Avenue as you approach the center of Princeton, you will no doubt be impressed. The collection of buildings are individually architecturally significant, but taken together, each designed in a unique style, they are quite a collection.  The eleven eating clubs are:

Cannon Dial Elm Club
Cap and Gown
Charter Club
Cloister Inn
Colonial Club
Cottage Club
Ivy Club
Quadrangle Club
Terrace Club
Tiger Inn
Tower Club

The clubs are open to upperclassman (and women) only. Some have a selective approach, others a more open approach. The students take their meals at the club and they also contain recreation facilities (game rooms, billiards, libraries) and places to socialize.

DSCF9280-001Princeton’s Tower Club

The first eating club was established in 1879 (The Ivy Club). The club’s have various history books they have published that include insights into their formation and inner workings. A history of the Tower Club published in 1928 shows the approach the club took. They state that the design of the building was such that it takes care of “Service” which may be kept segregated or not. “The house was designed first to be practical, then comfortable, then artistic without ostentation.”



The Cottage Club

Pictured above is the Cottage Club, whose most well-known member was F. Scott Fitzgerald. Jimmy Stewart was a member of the Charter Club. The books offer interesting and historic insights into the organization and running of the unique clubs over the years.

DSCF9278-001The cozy interior of the Ivy Club

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The Mask & Wig Club, University of Pennsylvania

November 15, 2014

The University of Pennsylvania’s  Mask & Wig club is an all-male comedy troupe with a rich history that was founded in 1889. The troupe features music, dancing and comedy and travels around the country to perform. Old Mask & Wig programs are sought after collectibles and feature imaginative covers:



The 1942 Mask & Wig Program


The 1938-1939 Program 

The covers illustration shows Manhattan at the center with Queens identified as “Vast Unexplored Territories” and Brooklyn as “Who Cares?” and was done by Bo Brown. Brown was a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and his works appeared in The Saturday Evening Post and The New Yorker.

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Leland Stanford University at the beginning of the 20th Century

October 19, 2014

We recently came cross a vintage souvenir of Stanford University, Photo Gravures in excellent condition. Original red paper wraps with tie string still tight. Produced by the Albertype Company, Brooklyn and copyright 1900 by H.W. Simkins, Bookseller and Stationer, Palo Alto.




20 pages of turn of the century images including the faternity houses, the museum, the north facade, inner quadrangle and more. A fantastic collectible, would make a great gift for the Stanford alumni.


Three well dressed students with their bicycle


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Princeton v. Yale Football Rivalry

September 1, 2014

We thought this Yale Record from 1951 captures the spirit of the Yale-Princeton football rivalry very well:

yale record

Princeton v. Yale is one of the oldest rivalries in college football, dating back to 1873.

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Alaska Statehood Cover

August 1, 2014

President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the Alaska Statehood Act into law in 1958, allowing Alaska to become the 49th state on January 3, 1959. The Army Navy Football Program of 1958 celebrates this historic act.

Army Navy 1958

The creative cover shows a view of Alaska from space with the top half covered in ice and the bottom half as earth. A totem pole is featured and shows a composite of an Army-Navy player, a Cadet, a Midshipman at the top.

We have a nice selection of Army-Navy programs on our website including the historic 1958 program:


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