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Yale Men

May 1, 2013

We were thumbing through a Yale Guide from 1931 and was taken by how often advertisements referred to “Yale Men.”


Although it admitted women to its graduate programs since 1892 it wasn’t until 1968 that Yale admitted women to Yale College.




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Farmland for Sale in Greenwich, CT from $3,000 per acre!

March 15, 2013

We love looking through vintage college football programs to get a sense of the period in question. Looking at a Yale-Brown 1941 program we came across this gem which advertises land for sale in Greenwich, CT for $3,000 per acre.

The land is owned by Yale and is on 1,400 acres of “rolling hills and pleasant valleys.”

According to the land came into Yale’s ownership by a gift from John Sterling, one of the named partners in the elite law firm of Shearman & Sterling. Sterling was an 1864 graduate of Yale, he left them a bequest in his will worth $15,000,000.

Originally known as the Sterling Estate the name was changed to Yale Farms no doubt to better market and maximize its sale value. The land is some of the most beautiful in the country is encompass parts of Greenwich, CT and North Castle in Westchester County, NY.

Uhm, the land is no longer farmland, and its worth a bit more than $3,000 per acre now. Those who bought it did just about as well as those Dutch traders who bought Manhattan from the Indians!

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The New Yale Wedgwood Tea-Set

October 15, 2012

Well, new as of 1934. We recently found this vintage advertisement for a new Wedgwood tea set in a University of Pennsylvania v. Yale Football program from 1934. The set was designed by Professor Edwin C. Taylor of the Yale School of Fine arts and the teapot includes a portrait of Elihu Yale in the border.

Priced at $6.50 for the ta pot and plates at $12.50 per dozen, it wasn’t necessarily cheap. Sets of this Wedgwood piece are difficult to find.

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Yale Wedgwood Sets

March 15, 2012

Wedgwood has produced various sets of plates and dishware for various Ivy League schools over the years, including for Yale. We recently purchased a large collection of Yale Wedgwood and included in the purchase was an original advertising brochure for the set.

This particular set included dinner plates, bread and butter plates, platters, bouillon cups and saucers, tea plates, tea cups and saucers, a teapot, sugar bowl and a cream pitcher. We love finding items like this which provide insight into how these items were originally marketed. Price inflation is the thing that jumps off the page the most. These items were produced in 1934 and the prices are amazingly low by today’s standards. The tea pot was priced at $6 and the largest platter at $10.

Another item caught our attention, which we haven’t seen before. They are Elihu Yale Tobies which are six inches high. They describe “Yale’s Patron Saint in an old-English ‘portrait jug’.”

Wedgwood issued Yale plate sets in 1930, 1932, 1934, 1942, 1949 and 1959. The design was done by Edwin L. Taylor who was a professor at the Yale School of Fine Arts. The advertisement below comes from the Yale Guide magazine from 1931 and advertises the plates for $18 the dozen in 1931.


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Harvard v. Yale Football Program 1931

May 15, 2011

The Harvard-Yale game in 1941 was played at Harvard, thus it should come as no surprise that they are making fun of the Yale traditions of depicting the current captain sitting on the Yale Fence.

Harvard Yale 1931

The program features some very interesting advertisements including this one for skis:


And for this fantastic Art Deco Auburn:

And an advertisement for the Empire State Building, which was just opened (during the Depression).


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Ellison Hoover – Art Deco

February 15, 2011

If we had to pick one artist who typified the Art Deco era it would be Ellison Hoover who captured the essence of the period perfectly as seen in the two Princeton programs below.

Ellison Hoover was an American cartoonist of the early 20th Century. He was born in Cleveland and studied at the Cleveland School of Art and the Art Students League. He was a syndicated cartoonist for the New York Herald Tribune. He also worked for the Evening World and Newark Evening News.

Hoover drew the daily strip ‘Mr. and Mrs’ (originally created by Clare Briggs) between 1930 and 1947 for national magazines. The texts were by Art Folwell. He also contributed to Life Magazine, the New Yorker and the Brooklyn Eagle  and worked as a lithographer and painter of landscape scenes. 

Inside the program is one of the most fabulous advertisements for a 1930 Auburn automobile, the Cord. It looks like it comes straight out of a Hollywood movie.

We also see more than a passing resemblance between the cover illustration and the woman pictured in this advertisement for Worumbo Polo clothing:

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The Rolls Royce of College Football – Harvard v. Yale

November 15, 2010

The classic cover of the Harvard v. Yale Football game from 1920 is one of the most sought after by collectors. The leatherheads in action capture the spirit of football for this era.

The program also captures the spirit of the Roaring 20’s with its fantastic automobile advertisements.  You custom order a Rolls Royce of course and this ad lets the well healed readers know that orders are now being taken for the 1921 vintage.

The ad below for the French made Delage automobile captures the glamor of the era:

Although the Fiat pictured below looks decidedly more workmanlike:

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“Big Game” 1896-1897 the Sunset Limited

August 1, 2010

Stanford Cal programs have always been some of our favorite. They are always well done as befits this great west coast rivalry. A very rare 1896 program from Thanksgiving Day is a real beauty.

The program celebrates the romantic era of train travel and features a full page add for the “Sunset Limited” which travels from San Francisco to New Orleans. The train included a Barber Shop, Reading Room, Drawing Room and Ladies’ Parlor and a Ladies’ Maid. From San Francisco to New Orleans took 78 hours, San Francisco to New York 118 hours. “That most perfect of modern trains. That acme of scientific thought and invention. That paragon of excellence.”

The 1897 Stanford v. Cal program also features a full page ad for the Sunset Limited, this time even more descriptive with a football theme: “Seaside to Lakeside in 3 days without a down” and “Sunshine on the bleachers all the way”


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Got Milk?

December 10, 2009

Cheer for Milk

We stumbled across this fabulous advertisement for Milk in a Stanford v. California (“Big Game”) program from 1966

Princeton Wedgwood Plates

December 4, 2009

Looking through an old Princeton Commencement program from 1930 we stumbled across an ad for Wedgwood Princeton Plates. The Ad is for “Staffordshire Blue Princeton Plates made by Wedgwood,” and they adversite that each plate bears a different Princeton View.

Sold by subscription only in complete sets of one dozen. The proceeds from the sale of the plates was used to publish The Princeton War Record. The plates were $15.00 for the dozen.


There is a little mail in coupon you clip off and include a $5 deposit. The check was mailed to the Office of the Secretary at Princeton University indicating that these plates were endorsed by the university.

The border on these dinner plates ia a direct reproduction of that used on the 1830 series of armorial plates designed by T. Mayer of Stoke-upon-Trent.

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