Stanford in the 1950s

We recently received in a nice batch of memorabilia from Stanford depicting life there in the 1950s including a student handbook. The mascot at the time was still the Indian and he is depicted in various scenes throughout the booklet:


Stanford prides itself on the fact that with a quarter of the total enrollment of men living in fraternities, fraternities do not have the false prestige they do on some campuses. This is because fraterninty men, eating-club men, and independents seek out their friends no matter what their particular affiliation. The Fraternities on “The Row” or “Men’s Row”:


The handbook also offers a “Stanford Dictionary”. A “Hasher” is a student who earns their board by serving meals in the residences and cellar. Palo Alto is known as “Paly” and “Civ” is Western Civilization, a required history course.

A “Big Game” football program from 1953. Students were certainly better dressed back then:

stanford cal 1953

We have a nice selection of vintage Stanford items on our website:


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