Harvard Wedgwood

Wedgwood produced a series of twelve plates for Harvard University in 1927, the first of many such sets produced by Wedgwood. The Library is pictured above. The plates features a transfer printed in blue on a 10.25 inch diameter plate. Each with a fruit and flower border . Approximately 5,000 sets were produced.

The set was later reproduced in 1941  in red as well as blue and again reissued in 1952. Though not the same, both of these sets were similar to the original 1927 set with some minor  changes.  Harvard Hall is pictured below in the red design:

Wedgwood Harvard Univ Hall

Wedgwood also produced a set of demitasse cups for their tercentenary in 1936:

Harvard Wedgwood Demitasse

This lovely punch bowl was also produced for the tercentenary in 1936:

harvard punch bowl

Harvard Wedgwood Plate Library-1

This unique tile was issued by Wedgwood in 1907 and has a calendar on the rear. The front commemorates the opening of the football stadium:

Harvard Wedgwood Stadium

A 1908 tile by the same maker, Jones McDuffe and Stratton, Boston, MA shows Harvard Medical School:

harvard medical


We have a nice selection of Harvard Wedgwood on our website:

Website of Collectableivy.com


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