College Whoopie Car – Louis Marx & Co

“Whoopie Car” made by Louis Marx & Company. Marx’ was a toy company which did business in the United States between 1919 and 1978. Marx’s toys were sold at five and dime stores and also higher end retailers such as Sears and Montgomery Ward. Made of tin, it is a wind up toy.

The car has a nice collegiate design and Princeton and Yale pennants are lithographed onto the rear wheels. The trunk on the rear has college decals for an eclectic group of colleges: NYU, CCNY, Vassar, UVA, Univ of Wisconsin and Michigan?

The original box that the car was sold in is seen below:

Driver is wearing a fur coat, as are the two art deco ladies sitting on the trunk at rear.

The top of the windshield says “Whoopee” as does a sticker on the trunk. Oddly, the box calls it a “Whoopie” car, spelled with an “i” rather than with an “e”.

Two art deco style ladies are sitting on the trunk wearing fur coats

A variation of the toy without the art deco ladies on the back says “Louis Marx & Co.” on the bottom of the suitcase strapped to the front of the car.

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