Old Stanford California Big Game Programs

The 1997 Stanford-Cal Big Game program is a special one for collectors. This “Commemorative Centennial Edition” has a picture and brief summary of every big game program played through that time.

The programs are organized by decade. The very rare 1892 program is seen top left. In fact, there were two games played in 1892, one on March 19th and the ther on December 17th.

The program from the decade of the 1900s (the aughts) also includes an image,  far left, of the rare 1900 program and there is no mistaking the day the game was played on since it shouts across the top “THANKSGIVING GAME”! The rare 1908 program with its yellow cover and flowers is also shown.

The program is a must have for the collector of Big Game programs.

We have a nice selection of Big Game programs on our website:




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