The Ivy League Police Lineup – John Harvard

Suspect #1 please step forward and say out loud “VE RI TAS!”

These John Harvard wooden mascot figures were produced in the 1950s by Carter Hoffman. We thought that putting them into a lineup would be a good way to illustrate that each figure is a little bit different. Since each figure was hand carved and painted this is not altogether surprising. Look closely and you will see that the eyes vary quite a bit. Some are looking up, some down and some sideways.

Note that the collars are of different styles, as are the mouths, noses, hats and letters. Their happy smiling faces pictured from above are seen below!

 The Yale Bulldogs below don’t look so much like a police lineup as they do a dogsled race lineup. The same comments apply, there is quite a bit of variation in the wooden figures produced for Yale’s mascot.

We occasionally have Carter Hoffman figures available on our website:


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