Pop Warner

Glenn Scobey Warner, also know as “Pop” Warner was a legendary football coach who coached at six schools in total including Cornell from 1897–1898, 1904–1906 and at Stanford from 1924-1932. He won the national championship while at Stanford in 1926. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame as a coach in 1951. Warner also helped start the popular youth American football organization, Pop Warner Little Scholars.

Warner is pictured in all the Stanford programs from 1924-1932.

Warner was honored with a US Postage Stamp in 1997.

We have a nice selection of Stanford programs, some of which include Pop Warner:

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One Response to “Pop Warner”

  1. Steve Faulk Says:

    In 1939, Pop Warner teamed up with Dudley DeGroot at San Jose State. Under Warner and DeGroot, the Spartans were 13-0 scoring 324 points on the season while giving up only 29. They also recorded 8 shutouts. In 1940, Pop Warner and Ben Winkleman lead the Spartans to an 11-1 record.

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