Yale Wedgwood Sets

Wedgwood has produced various sets of plates and dishware for various Ivy League schools over the years, including for Yale. We recently purchased a large collection of Yale Wedgwood and included in the purchase was an original advertising brochure for the set.

This particular set included dinner plates, bread and butter plates, platters, bouillon cups and saucers, tea plates, tea cups and saucers, a teapot, sugar bowl and a cream pitcher. We love finding items like this which provide insight into how these items were originally marketed. Price inflation is the thing that jumps off the page the most. These items were produced in 1934 and the prices are amazingly low by today’s standards. The tea pot was priced at $6 and the largest platter at $10.

Another item caught our attention, which we haven’t seen before. They are Elihu Yale Tobies which are six inches high. They describe “Yale’s Patron Saint in an old-English ‘portrait jug’.”

Wedgwood issued Yale plate sets in 1930, 1932, 1934, 1942, 1949 and 1959. The design was done by Edwin L. Taylor who was a professor at the Yale School of Fine Arts. The advertisement below comes from the Yale Guide magazine from 1931 and advertises the plates for $18 the dozen in 1931.


We have a nice selection of Wedgwood items from the Ivy League schools on our website:

The website of collectableivy.com


One Response to “Yale Wedgwood Sets”

  1. alexisanja Says:

    Wedgwood only has one E. The Elihu Toby Jug came in cream, dark blue and brown, made of Wedgwood’s earthenware, called Queens’ Ware. If looking for the tea plates, they are more commonly called salad plates in today’s world. Thanks for the post!

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