How the other half lived before the Great Depression

This beautiful Princeton v. Yale football program from 1929 gives an insightful look into how the wealthy lived just before the great stock market crash and the onset of the Great Depression.

The beautiful art deco cover was designed by Russell Patterson, who was one of the premier illustrators of the flapper.

The advertisements within the program tell you all you need to know about the lifestyles of the well-heeled.  How do you get to the game? Well, fly into Westchester County airport on your own bi-plane of course!

Need to buy a new car? How about a 140 hp Dupont Speedster with advanced streamlining. Manufactured in Wilmington, Delaware, it is “Guaranteed to exceed 100 miles per hour”

Or, if you want a European car, how about a Isotta Fraschini made in Milan?

Of course, you can always buy the latest tuxedo (Catoir Vestings) or a smart hat!

The winter is too cold for you in New Haven? Spend it at the Forrest Hills-Ricker Hotel in Augusta Georgia playing Golf, Riding, Tennis or use the two new polo fields.

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