Thanksgiving Leftovers?

Cornell v. Penn is one of the oldest rivalries in football, with their first game played in 1893. This game was played on Thanksgiving Day at Franklin Field, as was the tradition for a long, long time.

The program cover of the 1922 program is a classic:

Apparently, they had problems in 1929, perhaps due to the onset of the Stock Market crash a month earlier. As you can see, they repeated the 1922 cover again in 1929, the only modification being the background color has changed from black to white.

No bother, it’s a great cover.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Please visit our website for a nice collection of Cornell v. Penn programs, one of the oldest and most traditional rivalries in college football:


One Response to “Thanksgiving Leftovers?”

  1. Bev Says:

    Love vintage football. Can’t get over though just how old college football is, not to mention the rivalries that go way back when. It’s also hard to fathom how large the fan base was even back then. Love reading about these college football vintage program covers – keep ’em coming!!

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