The Yale Fence Farce

The original Yale Fence, which ran along the Old College in front of Old Brick Row, was a favorite of many generations of students. Plans for new buildings led to its demise in 1888. The original Yale Fence existed between 1833-1888 and was a three-rail fence. The current two-rail lining Old Campus also evokes the old fence.

The current captain of the Yale football team traditionally has his picture taken sitting in front of a fence in a studio on the traditional old three-post fence. As you would expect some of Yale’s rivals have picked up on the idea of using the fence in their football programs.

The Yale-Princeton game in 1932 brought the above imaginative cover showing the Princeton mascot dancing atop the fence in a mocking fashion.

The Harvard-Yale game played in Cambridge in 1931 featured the above cover of a cartoonish John Harvard pretenting to be a Yalie.

The rivarly played at Yale in 1947 and features images of Yale Captain Cotty Davison and Harvard Captain Vince Moravec about to break a wishbone. Although a fabulous cover, the program is better know for featuring two pictures of Robert F. Kennedy who played for the Crimson in 1947.

We have a nice selection of vintage college football programs at our website:


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