Baker Field Official Program

There is a lot to like in this Columbia-Syracuse program from 1931, starting with the fabulous Art Deco cover.

The program also has an interesting tid-bit about the program. It states on the first page, “In order to stop the hawking of so-called “programs” outside Baker Field and to prevent patrons from being thus imposed upon, the numbers of the Columbia players will be changed frequently. The correct numbers will be found only in the Official Program.” Imagine, showing up to each game and having to track down what number your favorite player is wearing that day?

The program also features a full size picture of George F. Baker, after whom Columbia’s home field is named. It describes Baker as a banker and philanthropist whose generous gift in 1921 made Baker Field possible. My guess is George wouldn’t be to happy to see is field renamed Robert K. Kraft field. In this era of corporate dominance of all things, the temptation to keep taking in money from more and more donors is irresistable.  Now the comical full name is “Robert K. Kraft Field at Lawrence A. Wien Stadium at Baker Athletics Complex”. Humbug.

In any event Baker provided much of the initial funding for the Harvard Business School in addition to donating  money to Dartmouth for their library. Baker co-founded what is today Citicorp in 1863. At the time of his donations he was one of the top ten wealthiest men in the U.S.

We’re particular fans of his muttonchop mustache and sideburns!

We have a nice selection of vintage college football programs on our website:

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