The First Ivy League Football Program

The first official Ivy League Football Program was published in 1956 for the Brown v. Columbia game played at Baker Field in New York City.

What’s that you say, haven’t I seen Harvard, Yale, Princeton and other programs from well before 1956? You have indeed. The Ivy League was formally constituted in 1956 when the Council of Ivy League Presidents officially organized the league and decided to brand it as such. As the first game of 1956, the Brown v. Columbia program was the first one played in the new league.

Notice the front of the program states “An Ivy League Game.” In celebration of the official formation of the Ivy League, 1956 was the first year all the ivy league teams played each other in a round-robin schedule.  A total of 28 games in all.

Columbia was also involved in the true first Ivy League game, which was played against Yale in 1872.

We have a nice selection of Ivy League programs on our website:

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  1. Ms. Bev Says:

    Herman Suter of Princeton ran ninety-yards, not years

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