Army Navy Game Football Programs

Army v. Navy is one of the great rivalries in college football. The game has had a long association with the city of Philadelphia. 80 games have been played in Philadelphia:

at Municipal/JFK Stadium: 41 games, Navy led 22-16-3
at Franklin Field: 18 games, Army led 11-7
at Veterans Stadium: 17 games, Army led 11-5-1
at Lincoln Financial Field: 4 games, Navy leads 4-0

One of our favorite periods for Army Navy Football covers are the 50s and 60s when Gib Crockett illustrated the covers for games played at Municipal/JFK stadium. Below are some of our favorites starting with 1961:






website of


2 Responses to “Army Navy Game Football Programs”

  1. Patrick M. Flachs Says:

    I am searching for a 2007 Army Navy Game Program for my son, Sean (USMA Class of 2008).

  2. Bud Granger Says:

    Need and A versus N 2011 program

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