Cornell v. Penn Football Program 1907

One of the oldest rivalries in college football is Cornell vs. The University of Pennsylvania. They have a rich tradition of facing each other every year since 1893, traditionally on Thanksgiving Day.

The first game in 1893 was played at the Germantown Cricket Club in Manheim, PA and Cornell got whipped 50-0. The 1894 game was played at the old University Field on 37th and Spruce Streets where dormitories now stand.

The majority of  the games have been played at Franklin Field in Philadelphia, which was completed in 1895. Once the game shifted to Franklin Field they were played on Thanksgiving day. From 1895 to 1964 Penn and Cornell met  on Franklin Field on Thanksgiving Day, 68 consecutive years and had played against each other in Philadelphia for 70!

The game played in 1907 has one of the most interesting Ivy League programs ever issued.  The cover of the program is seen above. Seen below is the first page of the program with a very rare color page.

The beautiful illustration was done by Lucille A. Dutton and shows two female Penn and Cornell fans riding in a carriage on their way to the game in all their Victorian splendor.

This game was another victory for Penn, 12 to 4, and it was witnessed by 26,000 fans at Franklin Field, which at the time was an attendance record. The program also contains a unique fold-out photograph of Franklin Field:

This panoramic view of the stadium folds out to 20 inches in length.  The first fifty of so years of the rivarly the games were all held in Philadelphia as it was believed that the weather in late November was better than at Ithaca, although since the 1970s games have been held in both locations.

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