The Stanford Indian in 1949 Football Programs

The Stanford Indian mascot had quite a year in 1949. He was featured on the program cover in various activities preparing for opponents.

It looks like he is going to be outsmarted in this Stanford v. Harvard 1949 cover:

But has a distinct advantage on Berkeley in this Stanford v. California 1949 program:

But looks in a prone position in this program cover of the same year vs. Michigan:

The covers were illustrated by Don Bloodgood and all the games were played at Stanford. It is rare to see such a common theme throughout programs.

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One Response to “The Stanford Indian in 1949 Football Programs”

  1. Paul Kalff Says:

    Big Games of 1898 and 1899….My grandfather, Percy Hall, was Capt. of the ’98 Bear team (22-0) and played in the ’99 game (33-0) to win the Tilden Trophy. Percy also received an individual trophy for the ’98 game from “The Yellowstone” gentlemen’s club at 22 Mongomery. An album of 47 photos taken at recreation park with Cal against “Olympic” and Stanford now reside at the Bancroft Library’s permanent collection. Percy played four years of football and 3 hears of baseball.

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