Program Illustrators – Howard Chandler Christy

Howard Chandler Christy Howard Chandler Christy (January 10, 1873—March 3, 1952) was an American artist famous for the “Christy Girl”, similar to a “Gibson Girl”. He painted Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States, a famous work he painted in April 1940. It currently is displayed along the east stairway in the House of Representatives wing in the Capitol building.


Some of his work is on display at New York City restaurant Café des Artistes – they include six panels of wood nymphs and paintings such as The Parrot Girl, The Swing Girl, Ponce De Leon, Fall, Spring, and the Fountain of Youth.

He illustrated several covers for Army Navy programs, including this beauty done in 1936:

Army Navy 1936

And this Army v. Notre Dame Game in both 1938 and 1939:


And the Army v. Navy program in 1938

Army Navy 1938

Programs with Cristy covers tend to sell at a premium due to the quality of his work and the name recognition. We have a nice selection of Army v. Navy programs at


2 Responses to “Program Illustrators – Howard Chandler Christy”

  1. Michael Jacobson Says:

    Looking for a 1937 Army Navy Football program

  2. Michael Jacobson Says:

    let me know if you find a 1937 Army Navyfootball program

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