Smokin’ Programs!

Paradoxically, College Football Programs have always had cigarette companies as advertisers. The trend began early on as you can see from the ad for this 1910 Harvard v. Yale Program advertising both ‘Egyptian Deities’ cigarettes and ‘Pall Mall’ cigarettes.


Or this Camels ad from an Army v. Navy program of 1936:

Camels 1936 AN

Chesterfield cigarettes as a long-time sponsor of color center-folds in many college football programs. A good example is from the 1949 Yale v. Cornell program featuring Bing Crosby, Arthur Godfrey and Perry Como.


As much as we look back and think it inappropriate, it is important to remember that without commercial advertising most programs would never have been printed. The revenue to print the programs came from sponsors and advertisers.

For a look at our many vintage college football programs visit out website at


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