John Wayne in College Football Programs

It took us a while to stumble upon this, John Wayne played college Football for U.S.C. in the 1920s. As a collector of Stanford Football Programs, it was a treat to find him in this Stanford v. U.S.C. program from 1926:


Born Marion Morrison and featured in the program as such, you will no doubt recognize that distinctive face in this action shot from the program:


We also spotted John in a 1939 Navy v. Dartmouth football program, this time as an actor instead of an athlete. The program features a full page advertisement for a new movie “Allegheny Uprising” co-starring Claire Trevor.



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4 Responses to “John Wayne in College Football Programs”

  1. community college Says:

    That’s nice information !

    We can also make our career in sports through this kind of programs which interesting for students also

  2. Bob Kinney Says:

    Also. in USC vs Stamford Oct 15, 1927 Different picture.
    What is the program worth?

  3. gerald conner Says:

    what was john waynes height at usc.

  4. Atticus Woodruff Says:

    He was 6’4

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