Army-Navy Program 1941 – U.S.S. Arizona


The 1941 Army – Navy game, which was played at Franklin Memorial Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 29, 1941.  The program is 212 pages in length. It is filled with great black and white photos of each of the squads, articles and photos pertaining to the future both the Army and Navy and how each was keeping up to date for our defense. 

There are wonderful full page cartoons featuring many of the era’s favorite characters, including Popeye, Dagwood and Blondie, and Snuffy Smith……each with an Army and/or Navy theme. 

One item I find quite prophetic is on page 180.  There is a classic bow shot of the U.S.S. Arizona  with the following caption:  “A bow on view of the U.S.S. Arizona as she plows into a hughe swell.  It is significant that despite the claims of air enthusiasts no battleship has yet been sunk by bombs.”  On December 7, just one week after this game was played, the Arizona was sunk by bombs dropped by Japanese aircraft with a great loss of life.


This is an important  historical Army-Navy program from this important war year, chocked full of great pictures including FDR as president, Frank Know, Secretary of the Navy and Henry Stimson, Secretary of War, the Naval Academy, West Point and many details about the buildup of the Navy pre WWII and the aircraft carriers Lexington and Saratoga.

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5 Responses to “Army-Navy Program 1941 – U.S.S. Arizona”

  1. David Says:

    Any chance of getting a high resolution shot of page 180 with the Arizona that has the caption ” It is significant that despite the claims of air enthusiasts no battleship has yet been sunk by bombs.”?

    I give presentation on warships…..any help is deeply appreciated….

    • Dana Opp Says:

      David Did you ever get you Hi res shot?? My dad played in the game for navy and i have one of the original programs and would be happy to provide you this .. Let me know I would just have to locate the box that it is in

  2. Tom Garcia Says:

    That should be Frank Knox (not Know) Sec. Navy. Tom Garcia

  3. Bernie Kish Says:

    Sirs: By chance , do you still have a copy of the 1941 Army-Navy Program available for sale? If so, what is the cost?
    Thank you.
    Colonel Bernie Kish
    US Army (Retired)

  4. Tom Garcia Says:

    Sorry. Item not for sale.

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