1895 Yale and Princeton Football Board Game

We have featured early football board games twice before. The Harvard-Yale 1922 and the Parker Brothers Harvard Yale Game.

This time we feature a rare board game made in 1895 by the McLoughlin Bros of New York is called The Yale and Princeton Foot Ball Game. McLouglin Brothers was an early maker of board games, beginning in 1858. It also produced early games such as Grandmama’s Improved Game of Useful Knowledge (1887), The Christmas Goose (1890), The Errand Boy (1891). They produced a series of interesting games until they were bought out by Parker Brothers in 1920.

It is actually refering to a 19th century rugby game. The beautifully done lythographed cover, is a real gem The playing board was also lined with fantastic lytho scenes of game action.

The instructions are on the inside cover and there are some game pieces (wooden markers). The game also came two spinner “indicators”.

A copy of the game sold recently at auction for $200. The item that was sold was in decent condition with the sides of the box intact but have some scotch tape holding some of it together. The cover had some damage around the Yale and Priceton pennants, but overall the graphics were still rich and vibrant as you can see from the close-up shown below.


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