Harvard v. Yale Football Program 1881

A copy of this rare Harvard v. Yale Football Program sold at auction this month for a bit less than $800. This is nowhere near the price that an 1876 similar style of program sold for early this year, for a little under $4,000.  Both games were played at Hamilton Park.

The program was in less than ideal condition, with writing on the front as seen and some foxing and yellowing on the back.


The program measures 4 1/16″ x 5.5″ tall when folded. It is on a single sheet of cardstock. The front reads, “Harvard vs. Yale/Foot Ball Match/Hamilton Park,/Saturday, Nov. 12, 1881” The interior of the card features the line up for Harvard on the left and Yale on the right. Rushers for Harvard include Manning, Cabot, Houston, Kendall, Appleton, Perrin and Thacher. Quarter Back is Mason. Half Backs are Henry and Keith. Back is Edmunds. For Yale, Rushers are Knapp, Tompkins, Lamb, Farwell, and Beck. QB is Badger with Richards and Camp as Half Backs. Back is Bacon. The back of the card has a blank for referee and judges

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