Football Shaped College Football Programs


Late 19th and early 20th century Ivy League Football programs were often in the shape of footballs as see in the Harvard-Yale 1913 program above, played at Soldiers Field.




The programs were often held together by twine or strong and end up being very fragile. The Princeton-Harvard 1895 program above is a rare example of a program found with the original string attached.


A more practical approach to a “football” on the cover is the Yale-Harvard program from 1897 above, which give the illusion of a football, but is in fact a conventional program.


The Penn-Cornell 1902 program is a rare football shaped program with a ‘portrait’ orientation.

Generally, football shaped programs sell for several hundred dollars and often more if the original string binding is still attached and the program is in excellent condition.


Ivy League Collectable’s Home


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