Cornell Princeton Football Program 1904

We have just obtained a Princeton v. Cornell Program from the game played October 29, 1904 in Ithaca.

As was typical at this time, programs during the Victorian era had a ‘landscape’ orientation.

1904 was the twelvth time that Cornell played Princeton. Princeton lead the series at this point 9-2. Princeton’s 1904 team is pictured below:


Cornell’s 1904 football team:


W.L. Foulke, ’05, Princeton’s 5 foot 10 1/2 inch captain is pictured below. The program contains the height and weight of each player. Of Princeton’s fourteen man roster only two players are taller than six feet tall, most are 5 foot 10″ or five foot 11″


Cornell’s Captain, James Lynah ’05 was prepared at Clemson College, S.C., is 22 years old, weighs 160 pounds and is five foot 11 inches tall:


Nice advertisements highlight the Victorian era splendor:



Princeton-Cornell Football Program 1904


2 Responses to “Cornell Princeton Football Program 1904”

  1. Steve Furman Says:

    Hi, my grandfather played on Cornell in this game. Can I get a scan of this program, or buy this program? thanks!

  2. james lynah sherrill jr Says:

    Howdy, my great-grandfather was James Lynah, thanks for posting this information!
    Merry Christmas!

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