Harvard-Dartmouth Football Program 1906


We have just come into possession of a beautiful Dartmouth v. Harvard football program from 1906. The 80 page program was produced by “Harvard Students and Graduates” and is delightful. Harvard and Dartmouth have a rich history of football tradition, having first played each other in 1882.

The back of the program contains an advertisement for a cruise to “Porto Rico”, with two men balancing crates of chickens on their heads.



We especially like the advertisement for a cruise to the Caribbean and Bermuda. The benefits of Bermuda are “Malaria Impossible” and “Frost Unknown”.


 The advertisement for the safety razor looks ominous:


 An advertisement for Cuban cigars, pre-embargo:


Harvard coming onto the field:


Harvard’s 1905 team:


For the novice football fan, a nice diagram of the players positions:


Dartmouth’s team:


The program also contains a rare photo of the Carlyle Indian Team, a team that Jim Thorpe would play on in future years and that was coached by “Pop” Warner:


The Carlisle Indian Team was associated with the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, which existed between 1879 – 1918, and was a failed attempt to assimilate native Americans into the broader culture.

Harvard-Dartmouth Football Program 1906

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