McClelland Barclay Artwork

April 1, 2014

Many college football program of yesteryear were illustrated by those with real talent and the Harvard v. Yale Football Program produced in 1927 is no exception.  The nice Jazz Era cover shows leather head football players done by McLelland Barclay.

LH Yale Harvard 1927

Barclay was an American painter and pin-up artist whose works appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, Ladies’ Home Journal, and Cosmopolitan. His images of fashionable women for General Motors’ “Body by Fisher” advertising campaign made Barclay’s work recognizable to virtually every magazine reader in the country. Barclay studied at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Fortune Magazine article on vintage collegiate pennants features

March 15, 2014

We were pleased to be quoted in a recent article in Fortune Magazine related to the collect-ability of collegiate pennants, particularly those that are older and rare: The bull market in vintage college pennants.

dartmouth long pennant

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Harvard Men Beneath The Women!

March 1, 2014

These whimsical drinking glasses made in the 1950s show the full extent of the Harvard-Yale rivalry. With various lines on drinking glasses showing how much each type of individual can drink. Clearly the Yale Men are superior and Harvard is at the bottom of the rung!

hy glasses

While we cannot be certain it is probably a fair bet that these were never offered for sale in the Harvard bookstore.

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Army Navy Football Program 1922

February 15, 2014

The Army v. Navy Football Program 1922, a game played at Franklin Field, Philadelphia has one of the coolest Army-Navy program covers of all times, showing an Art Deco era female between a cadet and a mid-shipman

The program is filled with fantastic vintage advertisements of the era including the Corn Exchange National Bank of Philadelphia, The Thompson Gun Company and the Waldorf Astoria. A full page picture of the commander-in-chief Warren G. Harding, the secretary of war, the heads of the Naval Academy and West Point and other Generals and Admirals.

It also has absolutely stunning pictures in the program including a panoramic view of Franklin Field and cadets drilling at West Point. Includes individual pictures of players from both teams and action images of prior games

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Stanford in the 1950s

February 2, 2014

We recently received in a nice batch of memorabilia from Stanford depicting life there in the 1950s including a student handbook. The mascot at the time was still the Indian and he is depicted in various scenes throughout the booklet:


Stanford prides itself on the fact that with a quarter of the total enrollment of men living in fraternities, fraternities do not have the false prestige they do on some campuses. This is because fraterninty men, eating-club men, and independents seek out their friends no matter what their particular affiliation. The Fraternities on “The Row” or “Men’s Row”:


The handbook also offers a “Stanford Dictionary”. A “Hasher” is a student who earns their board by serving meals in the residences and cellar. Palo Alto is known as “Paly” and “Civ” is Western Civilization, a required history course.

A “Big Game” football program from 1953. Students were certainly better dressed back then:

stanford cal 1953

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Dartmouth Winter Carnival Ski Posters

December 28, 2013

We just acquired an amazing collection of Dartmouth Winter Carnival Posters from the 1950s. National Geographic dubbed the Carnival the Mardi Gras of the North. The posters in the 1950s  were designed by students. The Carnival features a host of events including dogsled races, sporting events, Nordic and slalom skiing, an ice sculpture contest, drinking hot chocolate and much more. Carnival was the subject of the frothy 1939 motion picture comedy Winter Carnival, starring Ann Sheridan.

DWC 1952
The 1952 poster was designed by Stevan Peter Donhanos, Dartmouth Class of ’53

DWC 1953
The 1953 poster was designed by Leonard J. Clark, Jr. Dartmouth Class of ’56

Dartmouth Winter Carnival 1954

Dartmouth Winter Carnival 1954

The 1954 poster was designed by Stephen G. Chontos, Dartmouth Class of ’56

Dartmouth Winter Carnival Poster 1955

Dartmouth Winter Carnival Poster 1955

The 1955 poster was designed by Thomas S. Maravel, Dartmouth Class of ’56

Dartmouth Winter Carnival Poster 1956

Dartmouth Winter Carnival Poster 1956

The 1956 poster was designed by Roger C. McAlister, Dartmouth Class of ’51

Dartmouth Winter Carnival Poster 1957

Dartmouth Winter Carnival Poster 1957

The 1957 poster was designed by Roger C. McAlister, Dartmouth Class of ’51

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Magic Lantern and the Ivy League

December 1, 2013

These vintage, original hand-colored “Magic Lantern” slides depict three early fans holding pennants from Harvard, Columbia, NYU and Yale. Undated but circa 1900s.

magic lantern 1

They were produced by Scott and Van Altena, 59 Pearl Street, NYC and measures 3 1/4 inches x 4 inches with vibrant colors.

magic lantern 2

A magic lantern is an early type of image projector originally developed in the seventeenth century. It works by placing a concave mirror in front of a light source which projects through a slide with an image scanned onto it.

magic lantern 3

The inverse of this slide shows the fan in reverse holding the flags.

magic lantern 4

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The Game – Harvard Yale Football

November 15, 2013

In anticipation of this year’s 130th playing of “The Game” we look back at the 1974 football program. 1974 featured the “Real Centennial” and Harvard issued a Souvenir Edition program.  The program featured a rare fold-out cover which depicts the first match between the teams. The picture on the right was taken on May 14, 1874. Thus, the 1974 game represents the 100th anniversary of Harvard-Yale football.


The Harvard players are wearing white shirts and the Yale players blue.

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Cornell v. Pennsylvania Football

November 1, 2013

An exceptional college football program is the 1905 Thanksgiving Day game featuring Penn v. Cornell

Cornell Penn 1905

Cornell was coached by Glenn ‘Pop’ Warner, very early on in his long and legendary coaching career, in between coaching assignments with the Carlisle Indian School where he later coached Jim Thorpe. Warner would then go on to coach at Pitt, and then coach Ernie Nevers at Stanford before finishing his career in the 1930s at Temple. Cornell finished at 6-4.

This exceptional high quality college football program has a full color Thanksgiving football theme cover, and on the inside first page has a remarkable large five panel fold-out, which accordions out to depict photographs of all of the players on the Penn team for 1905. Measures a whopping 29 – 1/2″ when extended out.

penn cornell 1

We have a nice selection of vintage Cornell v. Penn thanksgiving programs on our website:

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Happy Halloween

October 13, 2013

This vintage 1970 Brown University v. Princeton homecoming game program features a nice Halloween themed cover with the Princeton tiger approaching a pumpkin patch protected by the Brown bear.

Princeton Brown 1970

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